Hi there!

My name is Isabelle, & I’m currently a sophomore at Union College! I’m a declared English major and have been toying with the idea of declaring a minor in Anthropology. I’m the Co-President of the Black Student Union on campus, the Co-House coordinator of the Literature theme house (Dickens House), and I work in the Writing Center on campus! So as you can see, I like to keep myself busy! :-)

Let’s see … Some of my interests include  creative writing, reading, spoken word poetry, working on my amateur photography, developing my Spanish (I swear I’ll be fluent some day!),  learning about other cultures, meditation, eating yummy food, attempting to make music (I love to sing…but mainly in the shower :-P), and always finding new hobbies/activities to immerse myself in.

I hope you all enjoy my blog & if you’re an incoming student to Union, feel free to ask me questions (my email is edwardsi@garnet.union.edu)! Likewise, if you’re touring campus and see me, I’d love to chat and/or find out more about you!

Be sure to leave comments and/or questions!



5 Responses to About:

  1. Abby says:

    You and this blog are so helpful and interesting! thanks for writing.

  2. Milton H. Edwards says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! You’re a wonderfully engaging writer, and I’m most happy to know that I can follow your blog and can see my daughter flower into the beautiful inspiration that God intended her to be. In fact, your name means: Blessed of God! And you’re being a blessing to others by identifying with them, their experiences, and their contributions to life and to Union College. Great job!

    Love, Dad!

  3. Isabelle Edwards says:

    Izzy..we share the same name…I host and produce a radio show, would love to chat thediabetesdiva@hotmail.com

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