Minerva Fellows Sale! 5/31-6/1!

The Minerva Fellows of 2012 are back on campus with plenty to share!

For those of you who don’t know, Union College offers the Minerva Fellows Program – In short: Each year several graduating seniors are selected (based on applications and interviews) to receive a scholarship that pays for them to spend the next eleven months, post-graduation, working with a social entrepreneurial organization in a developing country!

One of my good friends, Winnie, was selected to be one of this year’s (2013’s) Minerva Fellows and will be heading to Durban, South Africa soon after graduation! My other good friend, Andrew, was selected to go to Ecuador! (Obviously I have  incredible friends!)

Either way, the 2012 Minerva Fellows are back on campus and are selling plenty of beautiful fabrics, scarves, trinkets, candles, and more from Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, and Uganda!

So come to the Minerva Fellows Sale (International Craft Fair)!!

It will be held TODAY (May 31st, 2013) from 1-3 PM and TOMORROW (June 1st) from 2-4.


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