Therapy Dogs!

Yesterday, the “Schenectady Chapter of Therapy Dogs International” came to visit Union!

Now, what is a therapy dog, you ask?

According to the “Therapy Dogs International” website, a therapy dog is a dog that is trained to provide affection and comfort to people! Therapy dogs visit all sorts of places, such as hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools (!!), and hospices, and furthermore, can help people with learning disabilities or who have just experienced something traumatic. All therapy dogs are required to have an “outstanding temperament” and an overwhelming love for people. And let me tell you, the doggies that came to visit us most definitely did!


The dogs were right outside of the library and so on my way to work (I work as a Writing Consultant at the Writing Center, which is located on the second floor of Schaffer Library) I stopped and spent a good fifteen minutes petting, and generally loving, the dogs.

I used the VINE app on my iPhone to film a short clip of a few of the dogs. Once I got to a computer, I looped it, put it to music [“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”] and sent it to the Schenectady Chapter of Therapy Dogs International so that they could share it with everyone! [You can find it on their Facebook page!]

I hope that they come back to visit again soon!


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