The Gardens

This Sunday, the Spring weather that we’ve all been desperately waiting for arrived! It was a whopping 70 degrees and the majority of the students at Union took the opportunity to come outside and play!

I, of course, headed to The Gardens – my absolute favorite spot on campus. (How many times have you guys heard me say that by now?) My good friend, Remy, accompanied me, and while our initial plan was to do work, we quickly got distracted and ended up lounging around amongst a patch of yellow buttercups right beneath the Weeping Willow tree!

After three hours of flower-fun (hehe) we decided to delay work for a bit more time and instead, headed off to The Heavenly Voices Gospel Choir’s 4th Annual Spring Jubilee concert! There, not only did The Heavenly Voices Gospel Choir sing, but so did all of the acapella groups on campus (The Dutch Pipers; the all men’s group, The Eliphalets; the co-ed group, and The Garnet Minstrelles; the all women’s group)! It was a really wonderful, enjoyable show.

Unfortunately, Remy and I both discovered within a few hours that we were sunburnt (ouch!) but I think that our time in the sun was well worth it. This week the weather is going to continue to be beautiful and so I’m sure I’ll continue to be outside – but this time, I’ll be sure to wear lots and lots of sunscreen! (-:

Hope you all have had happy Tuesdays! x


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