A Wonderful Weekend!

This Thursday I packed a duffel bag, hopped into my car, and headed home for the weekend.

But this wasn’t just any ol’ trip home – this weekend was my Mama’s birthday! (Happy Birthday, again, Mom!) – and I came home specifically to surprise her!

And boy was she surprised when I emerged from the living room with a bouquet of fresh flowers!*


On her birthday morning (Friday, April 12th) we went out to our favorite breakfast place: Nick’s On Broadway. I had the best pancakes I’ve EVER tasted and my Mom ordered her usual of scrambled eggs and mixed veggies. Yum!


On Saturday evening we decided to indulge again and we headed to Boston to eat at Penang – the best Malaysian restaurant in America! (A slight exaggeration? Not really…) Penang is incredible. It’s drive-an-hour-out-to-Boston good. It’s eat-waaaaaaay-past-full good. The idea of eating there literally sends me into bouts of excitement! And, I mean, I broke my Pescetarianism just to eat there (whoops!) – so you know its delicious!

Anyway, our meal is pictured below:






We relaxed for the rest of the weekend (minus when I had to go to the doctor’s office and get a shot – ouch!)

It was a great weekend home and just what I needed. While I may have procrastinated on my homework just a teeny, tiny, bit – I think that getting to spend time with my Mom and Stepdad was well-worth the stress-induced maniac homework completing spree that I just went on. ;-)

How was your weekend? x

* Pro Tip: Whole Foods Market is the best place to have a fresh bouquet arranged! They have a really great flower selection and if you ask the florist to make you a bouquet (make sure you tell him/her what the occasion is, how much you’re willing to spend, and a specific color and/or flower that you want in it) he/she will work his/her magic and make you a beautiful bouquet – guaranteed.


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