Dream Big!

Occasionally I become overwhelmed when thinking of all that I want for my future, and even more so, when thinking of all of the work that needs to be completed in order to reach my goals. I am often plagued with thoughts of doubt – (“But what if I fail in my efforts to obtain what I want?” “Am I capable of achieving my aspirations?“)

Fortunately, last night I stumbled across this image on Tumblr (another blogging website). Its quote (“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”) really put things into perspective for me. We, as college students, are supposed to be nervous about what the future holds! Nothing is set in stone, anything can happen, and it will (and should) take a lot of effort and hard work to get where we want to be in life . And further – it’s okay to be a little bit nervous about our dreams

But rather than sitting around and worrying about the future, we should recognize that this fear is a good thing! It means that we have goals big enough to scare us. And that in itself is a beautiful thing.

So if any of you are feeling nervous, overwhelmed, or stressed about school or the future – try to see these feelings in a positive light. These emotions mean that you are truly pushing for something that you want – that you are fully investing yourself in your dreams – and there’s no harm in that, right?

I hope you all took this to heart, and moreover, have great weeks!



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