Happy Birthday to Me (Simply Izzy)!!

Guess what today is ……

That’s right, it’s my birthday! I’ve (finally) turned nineteen!

I woke up to find 19 balloons floating over my bed…

With little notes attached to each of them saying “19 Things I Love About Izzy”!

And birthday decoration on the outside of my door! (Thank you for all of this, Ru!)

It’s good to have such great friends here at Union! I’m excited to see what the rest of the day brings (warm weather, fresh peaches in the dining hall, etc.) But, I can definitely say that I am already a very happy birthday girl :-)



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4 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me (Simply Izzy)!!

  1. Paris says:

    Is someone special peering into your beautiful soul lately?

  2. London says:

    nom nom nom finger

  3. xcasssssssss says:


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