Poetry Reading and Discussion

This Thursday, I was fortunate enough to meet Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, a writer, educator, performer, budding herbalist, mother, and beautiful spirit.

She joined us on campus to read some of her poetry, which focuses on women, creativity, and the healing power of art, and to welcome us into discussion about such topics.

But before her poetry reading, I joined Ekere and Professor Cox in The Gardens (my favorite place, remember?) for coffee/tea, light discussion, and a leisurely stroll.

It became quickly apparent that Ekere is one of the most genuine, and beautiful people that you will ever meet. When walking around the gardens, she immediately removed her shoes, so that she could feel the dirt beneath her feet, and stopped every few minutes to touch the soil or the leaf of a plant.

When she laid eyes on our ginkgo tree, her eyes grew wide with excitement. “Do you know how old this tree probably is?!” she exclaimed. Professor Cox and I watched her as she wrapped her arms around its trunk to hug it. “What a beautiful tree!” We smiled. The Gardens brought out the herbalist in Ekere.

But, not only is Ekere in touch with nature, but she is in touch with herself. This was demonstrated through the poems that she chose to read, which focused on topics that centered around activism and women’s struggles. Ekere knows that these are topics that can not just be skipped over and kept in silence, and she has taken a stand, through her poetry, and is a voice that will not be silenced.

 Her first book Karma’s Footsteps, was recently published, and she read us a number of poems from it. Her reading voice is absolutely beautiful and it was an honor to listen to her perform her poems.

If you want to hear her read one of her pieces, below is a video!

All in all, it was an honor to hear her perform, to be in her presence, and to meet the wonderful woman who is Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie.


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