Recently I’ve been getting a little bit antsy for summer vacation (it’s so close!) & so to entertain myself, I’ve been making lists of all of the fun projects I want to do when summer finally rolls around.

#1 on my list are these shorts! I got the idea from here, and I’m so excited to make some of my own!

I’m thinking that instead of neon shorts, I’ll use black shorts (and bleach the bottoms white), but who knows! There are just so many possibilities!

Plus, there are only three steps!
1. Dip the bottom half of your shorts in a half bleach, half water mix
2. Hang them up to dry for a few hours
3. Rinse the leftover bleach out, throw them in the washer & dryer & they’re ready for wear!

Are you guys planning on doing any DIY projects/trying out new fun summer trends?



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