Miss Your Pets? Have No Fear!

See that cute little puppy face?

 Have you noticed that fiiiiiine piece of …. cat ;-)

Those are my pets, my babies, my fluffy, furballs of joy and … I miss them!

So, I’ve decided to make a list of things you can do if you miss your pets! Brilliant, right?

1. Hunt down (and pet) the campus kitties!
So far I’ve seen two reappearing campus kitties: White Cat and Orange Cat. They’re pretty skittish, they might be feral, and you may get rabies… But if you’re willing to take a chance (YOLO, right?) then you can try and pet them. It will relieve your I-miss-my-pet anxiety almost immediately!

2. Insist on petting strangers’ dogs.
Union is an open-campus, which means that anyone from the lovely town of Schenectady can traipse through, use it as a short cut, or take a walk around our premises. And some of those people have dogs! So feel free to insist on petting one, or two, or five. I’m sure their owners will appreciate you interrupting their walk and their dogs will appreciate the head scratches.

3. Train the chipmunks, squirrels, and bunnies to be your pets.
Lots of squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies call Union College their home too! So, if you have unlimited amounts of down time and extra money to invest in nuts and carrots, I’d suggest training them to be your pets. Then you can have a pet on campus as well as a pet off-campus! Foolproof!

4. Go to Professor Lobe’s office (Lippmann 111) and ask him if you can pet his dogs.
Professor Lobe has two of the cutest, fluffiest, little doggies you’ll ever lay eyes on. And they love to be cuddled and pet. So, when he’s not busy, ask if you can play with them! I’m sure he’ll say yes (unless you give off creepy vibes… then he might not say yes…)

5. Stare longingly at photos of your pets.
If you stare long enough they might materialize in front of you!

Good luck! xo


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