Smoothie Galore!

Who doesn’t like a smoothie? Even more, who doesn’t like a free smoothie? ;-)

Tonight, UCOPE sponsored a Spring Detox where students would learn to how “nourish their minds and bodies” and also would be able to sample some delicious smoothies.

Not only was I able to indulge in a smoothie made with fresh, delicious, fruit, but I also received packets teaching me about various healthy foods and their benefits and 10 rules to live by to have a healthy and happy life. Plus, I signed up to receive an email with healthy smoothie recipes! :-)

I’ll post the “10 Rules to Live By” below. I hope they help you guys out! xx

10 Rules to Live By

1. Come back to earth.
Try to choose the least processed forms of food.

2. Eat a rainbow often.
Eat fruits or vegetables with each meal. Choose a wide variety of colors for the biggest benefit.

3. Choose lean protein – the fewer legs the better.
Choose protein that has fewer legs more often. For example, fish & vegetable sources = 0 legs, chicken and turkey = 2 legs, and beef and pork = 4 legs.

4. Pick fats that give you something back.
Include healthy fats in your diet such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, fish, and flaxseeds

5. Eat breakfast every day!

6. Remember 3 for 3.
Aim for three nutrients every 3 hours. Eat smaller portions more often, spread evenly across the day.

7. Stay hydrated.

8. Do not waste your workout.
Have a pre-workout snack. During the workout make sure to have water and a sports drink. After the workout (within 10-30 mins) have a carbohydrate/protein recovery snack.

9. Supplement Wisely.
Fuel first and supplement second.

10. Sleep.
Aim for 8 hours of sleep!


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