What A Lovely Weekend!

This weekend was one of the best I’ve had in awhile because:

1. The weather was exceptional!
It was 65 degrees on Saturday & so of course I spent the majority of the day outside watching everyone play and enjoy the sunshine. My friend Mollie and I ended up bringing out our guitars and playing/serenading everyone on West Beach :-)

2. I got to put my Polaroid camera to use!
This Christmas, after much begging, I got a Fujifilm Instax 210 camera (a.k.a. an updated version of a Polaroid camera) and quite a few packs of film. Although it’s embarrassingly clunky, I love bringing it out on warm days and snapping polaroids (like the one above). There’s something that seems so special about having a polaroid picture.

3. I got to wear the dress!
My good friend Agnes gave me a killer dress awhile ago and I’ve just been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it. Either way, this weekend I finally got to wear it out!

4. I met one of my blog followers!
Often times, when running a blog, it’s easy to feel as though you don’t have many viewers & you’re mainly just talking/writing to yourself (especially if you don’t receive a lot of comments, etc). But this weekend I met one of my followers, Mike, who was on campus as a prospective student, and was charming, oh-so-sweet, and gave me lots of hugs! :-) It was really cool to meet someone who reads and enjoys my blog so much!  And if you’re reading this, Mike, this post is dedicated to you! xo

I hope you all had phenomenal weekends! :-)


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2 Responses to What A Lovely Weekend!

  1. newprairiestore says:

    Sounds like you had a very nice weekend playing guitar, using your Polaroid and wearing one of your favorite dresses! It was beautiful weather here, also…

  2. mlavaud1 says:

    It’s me, Mike. It was wonderful meeting you. I look forward to work with you in the fall. Hug! Xo

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