Union’s Got Talent!

On Saturday, after playing guitar for an hour or so on West Beach with my good friend Mollie Gilchrist, I decided to recorded a video of her doing a cover of Toxic by Britney Spears.

Not only is her voice incredible, but look at that sight in the background ;-) (It’s the Nott!)

When watching, be sure to turn the volume up on your computers because it was recorded on my iPhone (which isn’t the best recording device).



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3 Responses to Union’s Got Talent!

  1. Milton H. Edwards says:

    Mollie did a nice job with the vocals and guitar! ;-) Can’t wait to hear Izzy do her thing! Dad!

  2. catziac says:

    Wow! Mollie’s cover is amazing! What a wonderful post!

  3. uvogue says:

    She looks and sounds fabulous!

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