Izzy Takes A Tumble –

This weekend, due to my unfailing ability to be incredibly clumsy, I hit my head.

Seemingly not a big deal, right?

But when my head still hurt the next day, and I felt dizzy and nauseous, I decided to get myself checked out (or more, my friends all convinced me to).

Since Health Services is closed on Sundays, Campus Safety drove me to Ellis Hospital, where I was examined and it was concluded that I had received my first (and hopefully last) concussion.

Unfortunately, this means that I probably won’t be posting as much this week (and when I do, the posts will be shorter) seeing as how the computer screen tends to make my head hurt.

But, let this be a lesson to all of you to be careful and watch your heads!

Have a safe and concussion free week!


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2 Responses to Izzy Takes A Tumble –

  1. Milton H. Edwards says:

    Hey Baby Girl!
    Sorry to hear of your accident! I hope you’re feeling a bit better, and that your “concussion” won’t affect your 4.0 average. LOL Seriously, I pray for your safety every day, so I’m glad that you got treatment. On another note, you might want to remove this picture because it reveals TMI about you: Name and DOB. I’d hate for you to be a victim of ID Theft.
    Love Always,
    PS: I hope you got your card I sent to your college address. Look for another one soon.

  2. Paris says:

    Can you please elaborate how you hit your head so we all know how to avoid making your mistake?

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