Look Good, Feel Good –

Last trimester, when I went to New York City, I splurged on a pair of funky, crazy, earrings from Topshop     [pictured above].

Although they’re particularly difficult to match to outfits, (and trust me, it takes time and precise planning to perfectly rock them) I absolutely love them.

But more importantly, they’re my “feel good” earrings. Any time I’m feeling bummy or down or stressed, I try to wear them, because, I mean, who can feel bad when you have those dangling from your ears?

Either way, I suggest everyone picks up a pair of crazy earrings or statement jewelry that they absolutely adore. THEN, when that first big test of Spring Trimester inevitably comes up, you can rock them and feel confident as you tackle it.

Look good, feel good, right? ;-)

*Photo taken on Instagram


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