Little (Random) Things To Love About Union –

Recently, I’ve been really appreciating the little things here at the beautiful Union College. Although I rarely take the time to sit down and make a list of all of the things about Union that brighten up my day – I thought I’d list a few of my favorite little things today.

1. The Perimeter
I absolutely love running around the perimeter of campus! I ran Cross Country in high school, and since then, long distance runs have always been enjoyable and relaxing to me. It’s well-known knowledge that one loop around the perimeter is 1.7 miles, and thus, it’s pretty easy to keep track of how far you’ve run. Plus, it’s kind of interesting to check out the Schenectady scene as you run by. Yesterday I took full advantage of the perimeter and ran 3.4 miles. It felt great.

2. Laundry View
 The laundry room in my dorm is all the way downstairs (a whole three flights!) and I usually don’t feel like taking the trip downstairs with all of my laundry just to see if there are washers available. But thankfully, Union College uses Laundry View – A website where you can see what washers & driers are taken before you have to step foot outside of your dorm room. And if you’re usually lazy like me, this is heavenly!

3. Campus Movies
Union provides us with a free movie on campus every weekend. Enough said!

4. Our Class Facebook Group
After you’ve been accepted as a student to Union College, a Facebook group pops up where you can introduce yourself and get to know the members of your class. But what happens to the group when you’ve started school & have been here for awhile? Well, other than random “missing” ads that students post when trying to find a lost book or jacket, the group consists quite a few funny posts. I always find myself laughing while reading some of the random posts or jokes. It’s a simple way to brighten up your day.

Either way, those are a few of the little things that I love about Union (and of course, there are many more, but I don’t even possibly have time to list them all).

Hope you all are having good Tuesdays!


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One Response to Little (Random) Things To Love About Union –

  1. Kathleen Skiff says:

    Hi Izzy,

    Just thought I would look at your blog to see how things are going. Can I assume that you are feeling more setlled about Union? What did you end up deciding about the crew team?

    Can you believe it is April 9 already? Hard to believe in two months you will be done with your freshman year!

    Things are busy here. We have all been enjoying the warm spring weather. Seniors have gotten their colleges results and are now trying to make their final choices. Several kids are checking out Union.

    Take care of yourself. When you get a moment, send me an e-mail to tell me how things are going.


    Mrs. Skiff

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