Weekend Pleasures

This weekend was great in terms of the number of things there were to do on campus!

On Friday, I went to The Dance Experience Show to watch the young men & women, who had been working so hard on their routines all winter, perform them! It was really awesome to see the talent at Union and a lot of the routines were really phenomenal!

Afterward, I went to the Zakuro Daiko: Japanese Drumming Ensemble‘s performance. That was an awesome experience! The drummers’ energy really surged into the crowd & I could feel their passion. Here is a video of a little bit of the performance:

Afterward, full of energy, I headed over to a worship service put on by the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Two other schools (Skidmore & RPI) were invited, & it was really nice to be apart of such a large group, pray, and sing songs!

THEN on Saturday, the Dutch Pipers, Garnet Minstrelles, and Eliphalets competed in Thruway, a sing-off competition, against several other schools. And the Dutch Pipers came in first place!
Here’s a video of the Dutch Pipers doing a cover of ‘Thank You’ by Boys II Men:

Needless to say, it was a great last weekend of fun! (Especially since next weekend we’ll all be cooped up and studying for our final exams!)

Hope you all had great weekends too! :-)


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  1. Those Japanese drummers are amazing!! Such discipline!

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