Weekend Sum-Up:

This weekend I did some more traveling, and headed to my home state [Rhode Island] to relax, and see my family and close friends.

The view of the ocean from my neighborhood! :-)

After getting through Week 8’s brutality, I felt it was only right to treat myself to my nice comfy bed, a real shower (yes, we have showers here, but trust me, nothing beats my own shower at home), and the delicious restaurants around downtown Providence. Plus, I was greeted on Friday night with chocolate covered strawberries that my mommy had made me & plenty of kisses from my puppy.

My cute little doggy who was so happy to see me!

The highlight of my weekend, of course, revolved around food. I grabbed take-out from my favorite restaurant in all of Rhode Island (I know, it’s that good) Noodles 102. I ordered the usual [Singapore Noodles with Chicken & Pan-fried Dumplings] and was not disappointed. If any of you guys are in RI you definitely have to try it!

Singapore noodles w/ dumplings on the side. My favorite dish! [Photo taken with Instagram]

Overall it was a great weekend and a great break from any leftover Week 8 stress :-)

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