Girls! Girls? Girls. It’s A Black Woman’s Thang

Last night, despite having copious amounts of homework, I made time to head to Old Chapel at 6 PM to see the one-woman play, Girls! Girls? Girls. It’s A Black Woman’s Thang.

The play was written and performed by Marjuan Canady, and touched on numerous issues facing black women [and women in general], such as the sexual exploitation that women face and the devaluation of women’s thoughts and bodies. She took us back in history, to the story of Hottentot Venus (also known as Sarah Baartman), and then brought us back to the present, to touch on the issue of the exploitation of women’s bodies in today’s music videos, etc.

Marjuan caused her audience to think about things that they normally might neglect, such as how the lyrics in a rap song can affect one’s actions and thought process, and how we can decide how to present ourselves to society.

All in all, it was a phenomenal show. The audience rose to give her a standing ovation at the end! And despite having to stay up late to finish all of my work, I don’t regret my decision to see the show.

So thank you, Black Student Union, UNITAS, Africana Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, American Studies Department, and Beuth House for co-sponsoring such a great event!

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