Top 10 Ways to De-Stress to Success

It’s a well-known fact that Week 8 is one of the most stressful weeks of the trimester. It’s when suddenly, deadlines that once seemed miles away, begin to loom closer and closer.

Luckily, while procrastinating on my homework last night (hehehe), I came across this web article, titled, “50 Ways To De-Stress Your Way to Success”. I’ll only post my 10 favorites, but click here to see all 50!

Top Ten Ways to De-Stress Your Way to Success:

1. Say “no” more often.
This one is too true. Often times we find ourselves taking on way too many extracurricular activities, and then freaking out when the stress comes down on us. So on Wednesday night, when Union hosts a comedian, and your friends are begging you to go, feel free to say ‘no’ this time around. There will be other comedians and activities on campus, don’t worry, and you’ll feel a bit more relaxed with the time you’ve saved.

2. Avoid negative people.
When you’re freaking out about your exams and papers, the last thing you need is a negative Nancy, “confiding” in you about how you guys are “sooooo screwed” for the upcoming test. Try to stick around people who are positive, and ready to take on the upcoming challenge. When you surround yourself with positive people, you start to feel positive!

3. Always make copies of important papers.
The last thing you need is to lose an important document just as exams are about to come up. So when your teacher hands you a syllabus that she emphasizes youshould not lose, you should probably make a copy. It saves you from a lot of potential future stress.

4. Break large tasks into bit sized portions.
Have a 10 page paper to write that’s due in two weeks? Try to push yourself to write at least a page a night (even more if you have the motivation). The paper will get done in no time, and you won’t have to stress as the deadline approaches.

5. Smile more.
Seriously! Smiling and laughing can cause your entire body to feel better, as shown in this article. So try to smile a bit more! :-)

6. Visualize yourself winning.
If you can picture it, you can do it! Picture yourself acing a test or writing a phenomenal paper. You’ll inspire yourself to work hard and get the great grade you deserve.

7. Do it today.
Don’t procrastinate. Don’t put it off another day…or week…or two. Just do it!

8. Strive for excellence, not perfection.
Striving for perfection causes us to stress out more than we need to. Instead, strive to do the best that you can do it and to attain excellence. You’ll feel better and have a better outlook on the goals that you need to complete.

9. Stand up and stretch.
Ahhhhhhhh…. Feels good, doesn’t it?

10. Get enough sleep.
I can’t emphasize this enough! Work ethic is completely diminished when you’re running on empty. Try to find time to sleep a full 8 hours and you’ll submit much better work.

Hope this all helps! And I hope you all survive week 8! :-)


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