Decisions, Decisions

This week I was faced with quite the dilemma…

For next year’s housing, I applied to live in two different theme houses: Symposium House & Dickens House. Both are located on Seward Place, and have themes that I absolutely love! [Symposium’s theme is Professors & Discussion and Dickens’ theme is Literature.]

When I was notified that I had been accepted into both houses this afternoon, and needed to make a decision by Friday (tomorrow!) morning, I could feel my stress-level rise.

Of course, I requested to tour both houses (actually, I toured Symposium twice), asked a million questions to each of their House Coordinators, and weighed out the pros and ‘cons’ of each house about twenty times over.

In the end, I accepted Dickens’ offer while promising myself that I’d still find the time to attend Symposium events. A sweet compromise, right?

Either way, I’m excited for next year (… even though I have an entire trimester ahead of me before this year is over)!

Yay for housing options! :-)


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