A Delicious Feast

This weekend my roommate, Meg, who is a phenomenal cook, decided to make dinner for some of the girls on our floor in Wold (one of the Minervas on campus)! Needless to say, I was beyond excited about the idea of eating a ‘home-cooked’ meal (and eating in general…)! And it was delicious!

While Ru set to work to make Mac & Cheese, Meg started preparing the chicken

Chicken, roasted potatoes&carrots, mac and cheese, and salad was on the menu for the night! (Not to mention desert which was fruit salad with home-made whipped cream & vanilla ice cream! Yum!)

Meg knows how to handle her chicken!

And wa-la! The delicious end-result!

And then, we were ready to dig in!

Sorry, it's a little bit blurry!

 So thank you Meg (& Ru) for making such a delicious, Saturday night meal! :-)


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