Local Adventures!

This weekend, a group of friends (Annie, Tim, Geoffrey) and I took advantage of the nature in Schenectady, and went hiking at Plotter Kill Preserve!

We geared up in ‘hiking’ boots, grabbed our backpacks, filled them with the essentials (a bottle of Diet Coke, my Polaroid & Canon camera, and pecans…) and then were off!

It only took us about 20 minutes to get there, & the scenery was well-worth the ride! We played songs that got us in the mood for an afternoon of hiking and nature [like Cloud Nine by Ben Howard & Signs by Bloc Party] and by the time we got there, we were ready to go!

The trail was a little bit tricky, since most of it had been iced over, and none of us had the proper shoes to scale ice, but we had plenty of fun slipping, sliding, and exploring the woods!

I’d suggest the trail to anyone who loves to be outside and hike! (Although, for the less-experienced hikers, it’d be much better to go in the Spring or Summer.)

And I definitely plan on returning and hiking again! :-)


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