Valentine’s Day Manicure!

When I’m not writing papers, reading, doing homework, going to club meetings, or blogging, I like to take the time to take a deep breath, relax, and paint my nails :-)

Using StumbleUpon, I found this cute manicure idea to help us ladies bring in Valentine’s day! The original directions can be found here, but I decided to shorten them a bit and write them out ‘college style.’

1. Remove all previous nail polish with nail polish remover.
2. Gather all of your light-colored nail polishes that look as sweet as candy (yum!) I’d suggest a light green, light purple, light pink, light orange, light blue, and yellow! If your nail polish isn’t light enough, you can always mix in some white (in a small Dixie cup) to lighten the color a bit!
3. Paint each nail a different color & wait for them to dry.
4. Add another coat or two if needed.
5. Either use the ‘From the Heart 1’ nail template (if you have it/can find it at CVS) to stick on cute messages, or use a Nail Art Pen to write the messages yourself (so you can have original messages!)
6. Wait for your nails to dry.
7. Put on a clear top coat and
8. WA-LA! You’ve got beautiful nails!

Remember that practice makes perfect!

Tip: It might be easier to have a friend write the cute messages across your newly coated fingernails than to do it yourself.

I know it’s early but … Hope you all have a happy Valentine’s day! :-*


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