An Interesting Exhibition

Tonight, Union’s Visual Arts Department hosted a gallery talk for an exhibition of photographs by James Burleigh Morton, Class of 2010. Morton won the Watson Fellowship for 2010-2011 & using it’s funding, he traveled for a year to photograph the global shipping industry and expand his horizons.

Since my anthropology class (From Bombs to Buddhism) is in the Visual Arts Building, I pass his exhibit about 6 times a week. So when the opportunity to hear James talk about the exhibit came up, I jumped at the chance. Accompanied by my good friend, Kadi, I showed up to the gallery, and was immediately excited to see that it had a great turnout (and yummy food!)

James talked about his inspiration for the project [his grandfather joined the merchant marines at the end of WWII and ignited his curiosity], the things that he had done, the people that he had interviewed, and his photo-taking process.

As his online blog says, “From August 2010 to August 2011 you might find him rambling about countries like South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, or possibly Germany.

He had plenty to say, many stories to tell and numerous experiences to share.

If you want to learn more about his trip, and see his photography, click here.

Either way, it was a really cool experience and inspired me to further think about ideas and projects to potentially propose in the future for the Watson Fellowship!


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