Have an Iphone? These Aps are for U!

If you were to look closely around campus here at Union, you would notice one common theme – The students here love their iPhones. White iPhones, Black iPhones, new iPhones, old iPhones, every type of iPhone! A large number of the students here have them. And with having an iPhone comes the tricky task of finding the coolest and most interesting apps that one can get.
So, of course, I’ve created a compilation of apps that every college student needs!
(Or at least, in my opinion.)

1. For The Photography Lover: Instagram (Free!)
Instagram enables you to put filters over any photo that you take on your phone camera to spice it up! You can take regular pictures and turn them into art! (Sort of). Even better, Instagram works similarly to Twitter, in that you can follow other users, and their photos will show up in your stream. You can ‘like’ photos they’ve posted and leave comments on them. It’s great! (Follow me @edwardzi)!

2. For The Gym Junkie: Nike Training Club (Free!)
This is like having your own personal trainer! There are up to 85 custom-built workouts for you to do. (Cardio, abs, arms, legs, strength training, etc.) The workouts vary in time from 15 to 45 minutes, and it syncs with your music so that it can play pump-up songs while you work out! Even better, it’s easy to do in your room with just a yoga mat since not every workout requires weights. So for those days you don’t feel like going to the gym… Use this app!

3. For The Busy Bee: Read It Later ($2.99)
Ever stumble across something really interesting on the internet but have no time to read it? Well with Read It Later you can save websites to your account (without even having an internet connection) to save for later! It eliminates the cluttering of bookmarks, inboxes, etc. All you do is sign into your account, and it compiles a list of the things you wanted to look at! Once you finish reading them, clear your list, and start again!

4. For The Word Game Fanatic: Hanging with Friends ($2.99)
Hanging with Friends is a great game for those of you who love playing word-games. It has essentially the same concept as hangman, except that you can play with other friends who have the app, gain coins the more you play, and buy characters and accessories. It’s addicting! (My roommate and I are kind of, sort of, obsessed.) AND, you don’t feel as bad procrastinating on your homework by playing it because it is a word game, so it does kind of count as thinking, and doing work, right? (Play against me @edwardzi)!

5. For People Who Thinks Photo Booths Are Cool: PopBooth Photo Booth! (Free!)
Essentially an old-school photo booth on your phone! You can take photos and have them either emailed to you or have a strip printed and sent to you for only $2.99!

Enjoy! Have fun! Go App Store crazy!



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  1. I have the free version of Read It Later and it works great both on my iTouch and in my Firefox browser!

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