Walkin’ In A Winter Wonderland –

Winter tends to cause certain feelings to arise in people nationwide. It seems that suddenly students everywhere are struck with the desire to wrap up in blankets, drink hot chocolate, gaze into a fireplace, and contemplate life. Instead, what usually happens is we become wrapped up in homework, drink NyQuil because of our colds, and find ourselves gazing at our syllabuses and contemplating just how much sleep we can squeeze in for the night.

So here are some silly* winter tips & essentials for getting through these snowy days.

1. Want to snuggle up under a blanket & still have your arms free to do homework? Purchase a Snuggie – Oh yeah. You read that correctly. In college, you’ve got to learn to multitask, & the Snuggie teaches you to do just that. You can stay warm and use your arms! Genius.

2. Find yourself wanting a fireplace to sit in front of? Watch this. It may not actually produce warmth, but… close enough. And it’s 10 whole minutes of fireplace lovin’. Could you ask for more?

3. Make hot chocolate! Although it may not have been a Microwave Monday recipe, it’s pretty easy to do. All it requires is milk or water, a hot chocolate packet, a mug, and a microwave. Go ahead, go cocoa crazy.

4. And last but not least, on a serious note, attend these upcoming Minerva events! (Click this & click this to see what I’m talking about). Both Messa & Beauth are hosting winter-events which only require you to be willing to get cozy, and have a craving for late-night pancakes and hot chocolate.

Stay cozy!


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