Schenectady Essentials;

As I looked out of my window this morning, and saw fluffy, white, flakes of snow rapidly floating down from the sky, I realized something – That this was going to be a cold, cold winter. Fortunately, with the proper clothing, we Union students can stay warm and cozy during the brisk walks to our classes (or the gym) through the Schenectady snow.

Anyway, to help you guys out, I’ve made a list of the popular (and warm) fashion trends on campus:

1. The abnormally long, but incredibly warm winter coat:
When my Mom suggested that I buy a coat that “covered my butt” for the Schenectady winters, I endlessly fought with her. I claimed that I would look like an Eskimo, or a bear, or some other large, fuzzy, and unattractive thing. Eventually I ended up giving in and buying one, and I’m so thankful that I ended up listening to her. They’re a pretty big trend on campus, they keep the upper half of your legs warm, and they’re well insulated.

2. The L.L. Bean Boots:
These boots are a huge trend on campus. They have a great reputation of being warm, having good traction, and getting students through the numerous snowfalls. And on top of all of this, L.L. Bean has a lifetime warranty on all of their products – So you can return your boots if they get beat up, worn, or you just need a new fresh pair!

3. Various different-colored scarfs:
Scarves are a great way to stay warm, and also stay fashionable, and they’re a huge trend here on campus. I personally have about 20!

4. Uggs:
Uggs have been a big trend for quite a few years now, and there’s no exception at Union. They’re lined with sheep fur, and well insulated, and thus, great boots for a cold day.

Stay warm!


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2 Responses to Schenectady Essentials;

  1. Cait says:

    So practical :) I’m a college student…scarves and boots have become my new look due to all this frigid weather! Do you attend the Union College in Kentucky?

    • edwardsi says:

      Hi Cait,
      Thanks for the feedback! I actually attend Union College in Schenectady, NY rather than the one in Kentucky. :-)

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