I’ve Missed U! –

Hey Everyone!

I’m finally back on campus after a long (yet somehow seemingly short) six week winter break! I must admit, it was a great feeling to be home. I got to spend time with my family [Mom, Stepdad, & brother] and friends, celebrate Christmas and the New Year, spread out in my big, comfy, bed, and take showers without shower shoes! – I know, pretty exciting.

But either way, now everyone is back on campus, and with a new year comes a new mentality. :-)

Be sure to stay tuned for plenty of updates on this blog. I’ll be posting tips about how to beat this winter weather & cabin fever, musings on my classes, reviews on books I’ve been reading, silly little things to cheer you guys up when the winter weather becomes overwhelming, and of course, Microwave Mondays & Who Knew Wednesdays!

Plus, I’ll be making some changes so that this blog is more aesthetically pleasing!

Alright, keep yourselves warm! (It’s 19 degrees right now!)


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