Finals Week;

The library is overflowing with students. They are no longer confined to chairs or desks, but instead, have even started to spread themselves out on the floor, and bring snacks (such as boxes of cereal) for when they need to take a quick hunger-break. Eyes are becoming red-rimmed, headaches from staring at the computer too long are more and more common, and there are notebooks and papers everywhere…..Yup, you guessed it. It’s finals week here at Union College.

Which is a key reason that I haven’t updated this blog in a few days. [I know, I know, I didn’t have a Microwave Mondays post and the Who Knew, Wednesdays post won’t be up either – No one wanted to take the time out of their study schedules for an interview, and I don’t blame ’em!]

My finals aren’t until the 22nd, which means that I have five more days to study. But most kids have finals tomorrow! Never-wracking! On top of this, it’s definitely the season for sickness. I have strep for the second time this year (!), and plenty of other kids have been coming down with all different kinds of colds.

So, of course, I have tips!
1. Try and stay healthy. It’s easy to get sick in such a small school. Wash your hands, take vitamins, get sleep (although it’s tempting to stay up late to get more study time in). You don’t want to be sniffling or coughing all through your final. Trust me.
2. Study in small increments. Researchers say that studying in small 30-45 minute chunks helps you to retain information better than if you were to study for 3 hours straight.
3. Get a study group together. A group that you’ll actually study with. Sometimes studying with a partner or two helps!
4. Find a good study spot. The library is getting packed, so you’ll definitely need to find other options. I suggest the Nott, or a Minerva house. Those always tend to be quiet. Your common room is another good option (especially this week since quiet hours are being implemented.)

Good luck on your finals, everyone!

[I’ll try to post my Microwave Monday tonight! Just pretend that it’s Monday, okay?]


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  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for the tips. it will be useful for me.

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