Snowy Rowing;

This Friday, the crew team set off on a bus to Philadelphia to race in the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta (our last race of the fall season.) We had heard ahead of the time that the weather was going to be bad (potential snow!), but we were ready to race despite the elements.

On Saturday morning as we stepped off of the bus to re-rig our boats, we realized that the weather was definitely not on our side. Glancing at my iPhone’s weather app, I was informed that it was a freezing 33 degrees outside, and to make matters even worse more interesting, it was raining…. hard. After a pep talk with our Coach, in which we were told to keep our “minds above the weather”, we took off our excess gear (goodbye swishy-pants, sweatshirts, and sweatpants), got into our boat, and headed up to the start line.

It was an intense race, to say the least. Everyone was in agreement that the feeling in our toes and fingers had disappeared awhile back, and the only thing that pushed us forward was our determination to do well, and demonstrate what we had been working at for the entire season (and the fact that we would have a great story to tell when it was all over!)

Afterward, when we were all finished with our races, bundled up in warm dry clothing, and situated on the bus, our coaches joked that it was a race they would definitely never forget. In their many years of coaching, they had never participated in a race with such bad elements. Furthermore, our team felt even more awesome since after our races, the following races had been cancelled due to the weather. It just emphasized the point that we had really toughed it out.

Go Union crew!

P.S. Despite the rainy weather, the girl’s nauvice team managed to snap some silly pictures :) Check them out!


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  1. John Thompson says:


    Please let me know the next time you race in Philly. We’ll drive up to support the team. We’ll do DC or Annapolis too.

    John T.

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