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When reviewing my blog the other night I realized a few (very random) things:

1. There is a lot that runs through my mind as a college student. I’m constantly thinking about my school work, social life, etc. But the thoughts seem to continuously reappear, and are always popping up, are always about one thing…. Food.

2. There are a lot of people in this world with hidden talents that you might not notice until you get to know them. These talents should be put on display and shown to the world!

3. I learn so much in all of my classes but rarely do I share with you guys what I’m actually thinking about all of this new material. I definitely need to sort my thoughts and find a way to reflect on what I’ve learned during the week.

Therefore, from now on, I (will try to) bring to you….

Microwave Mondays!
– Ever wanted to make yourself a delicious snack, but realized that your limited in what you can eat due to, 1. Being a broke college student and not having the $ for snack supplies, and 2. Only having a microwave and a fridge in your room.. (I mean, how much can you do with those?) Well now, every Monday, I’ll throw a recipe at you that is quick, delicious, cheap, and that you can easily prepare with only a microwave!

Who Knew Wednesdays!
– Maybe the girl in your engineering class likes to sing opera…or the guy you see in the library every day is an incredible photographer. Well, every Wednesday, I’m going to try and find someone who has a hidden talent, and put it on display! You’ll get to know the people around campus a little bit more than you thought you would!

– Have you been wondering what exactly I’m learning in my classes? What about my opinion on it? I’m going to try to randomly post some of the most interesting things that I’ve learned in class & my own thoughts and opinions on them!

The Little Things!
– And lastly, at random times during the week, I’ll try and post something that has made me happy or is interesting. Maybe a great song to get pumped up to on a Friday night, or a new artist that I’ve discovered, etc.

Alright well…. I’m excited! Are you excited? (That was a rhetorical question…)
Get ready guys for the new and improved Simply Izzy!


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