Eventually, and inevitably, it hits all of us ….. Homesickness.

I was pretty proud of myself for having had fought off the feeling for so long, but after 44 days of not being home (Yes… I counted…) I’m finally starting to miss my family. Luckily, I’m going home this weekend (leaving on Thursday and coming back Sunday) and so hopefully my longing for home will be satisfied, but meanwhile, I decided to create a list to help students keep homesickness at bay.

1. Call home often. I know, I know, Mom talks forever on the phone, and you really could care less about what she’s making for dinner tonight (especially since you’re not there to eat it), but it really does help. Try to call home once or twice a week. It will remind you that your family still exists, and their worlds haven’t ended just because you’re at college.

2. Try not to compare. It’s easy to compare college to high school. It’s comparing something that you’re not quite familiar with yet to something that you are a hundred percent familiar with. But these comparisons can cause homesickness. Instead of comparing your new friendships with your old ones, the food here with the food back in your high school cafeteria, etc, try to embrace college for what it is… A new experience.

3. Facebook stalk. (I know you do it anyway…)¬†Go ahead. Creep on your friends from back home. See what they’ve been up to. When you realize that other people are going through the same college experience as you, it makes it seem less like you’re going through the process alone, and more like you’re apart of the pack.

4. Don’t Facebook stalk. Definitely contradicts pointer #3, but if you find yourself becoming a little too obsessed with what your friends are doing back home, you should probably stop….

5. Visit. If you feel really homesick, go ahead and go home to visit. Or you could have a friend come and visit you. Sometimes its nice to be around familiar things.

Take these tips and run with em!

P.S. Below are pictures that I took of some of my favorite places in Rhode Island (my hometown). Enjoy!


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