A Tough Race;

This weekend was my first Crew regatta!

The crew team piled into a luxury bus, and headed off to Rochester, NY, on Friday evening to compete Saturday morning.

I, of course, was panicking and having nightmares about catching crabs* mid-race, all night, but of course, when Saturday actually came around, my adrenaline was pumping and I was reading to race.

Results wise – Our boat didn’t do as well as it could have or should have. But granted, it was our first race, and the team felt pretty proud overall that there hadn’t been too many difficulties or problems (we set the boat correctly, and no one caught a crab!)

Either way, we’re all pumped for our next race (two weeks from now) which takes place in Philadelphia! We’re sure to show all of these other teams what we’re made of!

*To all of you who don’t understand crew-talk, catching a crab is a rowing error where the rower does not remove their oar blade form the water in a timely fashion, and the oar ends up acting as a brake on the boat. Usually the boat has to stop and the rower has to remove their oar from the water before the boat can continue.

P.S. I didn’t have time to take pictures at the regatta, and so I’m inserting a picture of a random crew team and you viewers can just pretend its the Union crew team, deal?


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