Week Nights Don’t Have To Be Weak Nights;

Everyone always talks about how much fun the weekend is… From Sunday night and onward, we find ourselves counting down the days until it is finally Friday, and we can take time to relax.
But what people never really mention is that the week nights can be fun too! You just have to know your options

If I’m being honest –
Yes, you will probably have a good amount of homework to do on the week nights.
Yes, you will probably want to go to bed early on some week nights.
Yes, if you have an 8 or 9 AM class the next morning, week night activities aren’t going to seem like the best idea…

But, for those of us who have gotten our work done – week nights can be a lot of fun.

Take my floor in West for example… We tend to do a movie night once or twice a week. Our movies have ranged from Pulp Fiction to White Chicks to the Justin Bieber movie, and thanks to the wonderful Netflix, we can always take requests and get new movies that we want to watch. We also have our floor intramural soccer team and occasionally (mainly when it was warmer), we get an Ultimate Frisbee game up and running.

And things aren’t only confined to your floor – Minerva houses tend to host a lot of week night activities. Just this week, Golub had a chocolate fountain fondue party. Obviously, I attended;)

So don’t feel that just because you have class the next day, you have to sit in your room all night. It’s definitely worth it to get out there and make your week night fun!

[Pictured: My floor & a few others after a game of Ultimate Frisbee on Rugby field…. covered in mud.]


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