Best Friends Forever;

My friend Alex came to visit me this weekend!! We’ve been best friends since our freshman year in high school & I was incredibly excited to show the wonders of Union to her! :)

After a great weekend, in which she met all of my friends, attended my floor-mate Kyle’s intramural hockey game, and had way too many delicious (but unhealthy) meals in West, she told me about how excited she was for her next visit.

Actually, the one thing she kept mentioning was how cool our sense of community was. I had never really noticed it that much before, especially since I was so used to it, but she was really impressed with my floor in West. We had all hung out together, kept our doors open, and run back and forth into each others rooms. She said that at her college (Babson), the dorm building floors weren’t as closely knit. Most people tended to keep their door closed, and if you wanted to visit someone, you would have to knock or text them ahead of time to tell them that you were coming. Crazy!

It made me even more thankful to be apart of my floor in West.

Anyway, by the end of her visit, she wanted to buy a Union t-shirt to rep at her college. Unfortunately the bookstore was closed (it opens at 4 PM on Sundays) and didn’t open until she had already left, but I’ll send her one in the mail ;)


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