U Got Served;

…. By Health Services!

Yesterday, when I woke up at 7 AM feeling terrible and with a pounding headache that I figured would cease within an hour or so, I took time for myself and went back to sleep (thus missing my 8 AM class – the first missed class of the trimester.) But when I woke up hours later at 10 AM with the same headache, the chills, and a 102 fever, I figured I should probably go and get myself checked out.

Health services was great! Despite the fact that I didn’t have an appointment, they took one look at me and told me that if I just waited, they would be sure to have someone see me as soon as possible. They gave me a blanket in hopes that I would stop shivering, constantly cooed at me and told me that they hoped I felt better, and supplied me with lots of Gatorade to “get my calories up.”

When I finally had my appointment (with a really thorough and kind woman named Susan), it went well. Susan took her time evaluating me – I never felt as though I was being rushed out – And even when I had to take the strep test and the flu test (both of which are really uncomfortable procedures), I felt ensured, safe, and as though I was being taken care of.

Susan ended up sending me back to my dorm to sleep & supplied me with a goody bag of “get better” supplies, such as Gatorade, Freeze Pops, Crackers, Ginger Ale, and an heat/ice pack. She was also genuinely concerned for my well-being, and told me that if I didn’t feel better by tomorrow, I should call Health Services and request her by name, and she would take another look at me and get me started on something (antibiotics most likely, since it seemed like I had a terrible sinus infection.)

And after going back to my dorm and sleeping for 18 out of the 24 hours of yesterday, I can honestly say that I feel much better.

Kudos to health services and Susan! I now know for sure that I’m in good hands.


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  1. Roberta says:

    I’m so glad that you were taken care of so well! It gives me a sense of comfort, as a mom and a nurse, that the medical staff was so attentive. I’m also glad that you took it upon yourself to be seen…very mature and responsible on your part. I hope you are feeling better!

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