Highlights of the Week/Weekend;

My floor in West is at it again!

We are constantly doing things together as a group, and this week was no exception.

On Wednesday we all geared up in our Golub House pinnies (the majority of our floor is in Golub & the other half in Beauth) and went out to the soccer field at 9:30 PM to take on another team in intramural soccer. Although I’m not much of a soccer player, I accompanied the team with my camera in tow to play “sports photographer” for the night.

We ended up losing to the opposing team by two …. or three…. goals, but we’ll continue to bring our game faces to the next game.

Later, on Saturday, we went as a group to attend the Women’s Soccer Game & cheer for our floor-mate Mollie. This time we came decked out, covered in paint, that spelled out her name. Needless to say we caused a bit of a scene, but Mollie (and her parents and boyfriend who were at the game to watch) loved it.

And we won the game!

Go team!


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