The Beginning;

Right now I’m listening to the night-crawlers of New York, as they argue and laugh in the street beneath my window. See, in West, your dorm either faces Rugby field and the Nott, or it faces College Park, and subsequently a busy street where a few stragglers from the city of Schenectady walk by at night on their way home from wherever they’ve spent their days. And my beautiful dorm, where I am lucky enough to reside, faces the street. Although I don’t get to look at the Nott each night before I head to sleep, I thoroughly enjoy the few voices that float up into my open window. It reminds me that I am in a new environment, and that I need this -To come out of my comfort zone, and to try new things. That this isn’t Rhode Island anymore. This is Union College. My new home.

My arms are sore. My legs are also sore. Actually, my entire body is sore. It has been begging for me to consider lying down and going to sleep as opposed to sitting up on my elbows and typing this at such a late hour. I do have an 8 AM class tomorrow, after all. I guess the soreness is my punishment for joining the crew team. But something about rowing makes me feel alive, or more, present. It is a meditation of sorts, and the only time here at college, that I can let my mind rest. It was also something new. I’ve never done crew before, and I wanted to challenge myself, and it is proving to be just that – A challenge.

And on top of this, course-wise, I’m enrolled in three classes – Introduction into Literary Fiction, Introduction into Anthropology, and my Freshman Year Preceptorial class, which every first-year student is required to take, although each class has a different topic. The topic of my class is “Growth and the Good Life.” We have been analyzing what “the good life” is. Whether money is involved, or whether the good life can be found through other means.  It’s interesting to hear all of the different opinions. I personally am spiritual. I believe that “the good life” comes from creating a strong relationship between God and self. Other students believe that it comes from “making mad money.” It’s bound to be an interesting class.

Either way, I’ll start off my blogging career with a few college lessons that I’ve learned thus far:

1. Do not, under any circumstances, try and do your laundry on a Saturday or Sunday. It’s just not going to happen. Do you know how many other kids saved up their laundry for those two days? I’ll tell you …. A lot. Power to ya if you go anyway, I personally do my laundry on Tuesdays.

2. It’s okay to talk to strangers. Eh…. Let me re-phrase that. It’s okay to talk to people on campus that you don’t know. Especially here at Union. That girl that dresses really well… Go ahead, compliment her! That guy that just held open the door for you…Strike up a conversation with him! People are friendly. They want to get to know you! So let them!

3. Bring rain boots. They’re seriously a must-have for when it rains here. Then you can stomp across Rugby field without getting your socks and feet soaked.

4. The library will become your best friend. I know you may have preconceived notions that kids who do work in the library are kind of “nerdy”, but seriously, there’s no better place to do it. And you’ll get your work done.

Alright, that’s all for now! The number (1:21) on my alarm clock is glaring at me, and I have crew tomorrow along with that early class.

I hope many blessings come your way,



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